Greater Helsinki Vision 2050

Ehdotus / Proposal: Roots

Tekijät / Authors: Sari Nieminen, Arkkitehtitoimisto Sari Nieminen Oy
Pekka Hänninen, arkkit.yo / student of architecture

Asiantuntijat / Experts: Mervi Vatanen, DI, liikennesuunnittelija; Heikki S. Laukkanen, professori; Mari Pihlajaniemi, FM; Keijo Savola, fil.yo; Tapani Veistola, FM.

In the entry Roots the competition area is examined as a tree. The tree priciple can be seen both in the landscape and the functions: the roots of the tree absorb energy and nutrition from the countryside for which the green city produces oxygen. A tree with roots deep in the ground will not fall even in a strong wind.

Roots is a model that combines nature and landscape, human and built environment as well as energy and food production to a closed system, where people live in small towns and villages and get their daily food and energy from the competition area. The surrounding nature is let grow its fingers inside the city and simultaneously the habitation is relocated in dense towns and villages connected by an express tramway. The aim is to create a balance between nature – also the changing natural conditions – , energy and material resources and human.

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